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Recipes for success

We share with you our growing catalogue of analysis recipes for disease research and early-phase discovery success. The key ingredients: your requirements, existing data and our software solution.

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Success catalogue

The shared challenges we solve

Data overload

Researcher often drown in vast amounts of diverse data, so-called data heterogeneity, ranging from coding to non-coding data. From genetics to proteomics. From human to all their disease models.

Fragmentated information

Critical data is often scattered across various platforms, databases, and formats, impeding effective analysis. By the time one manages to unlock a data source, it may have already been updated.

Methodological limitations

Traditional research methods struggle to keep up with the complexities and dynamics of diseases, as well as with the innovations in Omics data generation.

Limited flexibility

Overlooked areas of application of targets and disease markers are often due to limitation to only one disease.

knowing01 benefits

By leveraging knowing01’s integrated data analytics, clients experience a considerable time reduction, while the gained insights significantly advance the understanding of therapeutic interventions.

Our solution brings clarity, guiding you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Connect with us to explore how we can support your drug discovery journey.

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