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Product and Technology

Encapsulated in easy-to-use software our Cellmap technology ensures Multiomics context data is always at your fingertips. Coupled with our analytics services, we boost your success.

knowing01 app

Contextualize with simple steps and start discovering. With a subscription, you will be able to work with all Multiomics data: upload, search, explore, enrich and download with few clicks.

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Contextualize at scale

Define your Context Space

Set up your context space by uploading data sets to your dedicated knowing01 cloud space. Your data sets are kept in the original format. The data scope typically is a blend of private and public data. And everytime it will 100% fit to your research focus.

Pro tip: Keep expanding and adapting the context with novel insights. It will not break our app, only refine and enhance your outcomes.

Leverage Next-generation Automation

Our core technologies do the heavy lifting for you: data adaptors, Cellmap integration and componenting. Resolving the complexity of data variety, data volume and their combinatorics automatically.

Pro tip: Zoom into the links made and how they relate to each other with our component visualizations, additionaly ensuring reproducibility.

Get inspired by recipes of success.

Generate Insights and Outcomes

Context analyses are performed and guided by our web-interface. Stored in your protected area, findings can be shared and downloaded. Effective visual context summaries are key to quickly communicate an early-phase discovery and other research decision.

Pro tip: Disease biology is highly variable, insights are, too. Engage to our experienced expert team for the final touch.

One solution for all data types.

We process data that originates from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), mass spectrometry (MS), microarray chip technologies, etc. We thus cover data from genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, phosphoproteomics to metabolomics and their combinations. By the way, we also bridge data from different organisms (human, mouse, pig, plant, fly, worm, bacteria, fungi, …) with ease.

  • GWAS summary statistics
  • Differentially regulated genes
  • Methylated regions
  • Chromatin states
  • Single cell and nuclei marker
  • Rare and common variants
  • Regulated proteins
  • Differential protein activities
  • Noncoding RNA
  • eQTL
  • Transcription factor targets
  • Deregulated microRNAs
  • Pathways
  • Ontologies

knowing01 Services

Serviced analyses

You know already there is more data that should be considered for the next decision to be made? You want results within a few weeks?

We offer serviced analysis for early-phase discoveries and uncover novel disease biology from large scale data.

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Strategic partnerships and co-developments

Your innovation-driven target and drug developments would profit from context-guided, low-risk decisions?

We are interested in leading-edge, innovative disease research and developments with substantial clinical impact for strategic partnerships. We contribute with our expertise and software to contextualize massive amounts of disease-related Multiomics data for early discoveries.

Talk to our experts about the joint collaborations. Or directly reach out to our CEO on LinkedIn.

Data security considerations

Your data, assets, and intellectual property (IP) require protection. We manage a high-performance computing infrastructure through a German server provider. The architecture segments the application into distinct zones, safeguarding against unauthorized internet access via firewalls and reverse proxies. Additionally, redundant data storage mitigates the risk of data loss.

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