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About knowing01

We are proud to be supported by European Commission through the Women TechEU, which supports female-led deep tech champions.

Established in Munich, 2020, knowing01 GmbH embarks to change the way Life Science data is used in research. We aim at helping researchers in industry and academia to make more out of their data, accelerating discoveries and creating impact.

Our business idea was sparked by the desire to harness technology and abstract recurring tasks of Life Science data experts in an easy to use software that is used by researchers directly. In December of 2015, we received the m4 award granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bavaria and managed by Bio-M (read more about this time in our ideation phase blog post). Over the following years our core technology has been developed at the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich in close collaboration with test clients and we were accompanied by accelerator programs, such as the EIT Health LaunchLab 2017.

Supported by

  • Co-Funded by Europen Union
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum München
  • unternehmerTUM
  • Science 4 Life
  • BioM

Our team

  • Dr. Nikola Müller

    Founder & CEO – Nikola is driven by a keen interest to integrate all data.

  • Katrin Schuler

    COO – Katrin combines business expertise with passion for driving value for clients.

  • Florian Bittner

    CTO – Flo realizes our vision with efficient and secure software.

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis

    Scientific advisor
    Insitute director at Helmholtz Munich

  • Dr. Annette C. Leonhard-MacDonald

    Business advisor
    CEO at Leonhard-MacDonald Ventures GmbH

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