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Better research for unmet medical needs

Our software solution contextualizes biomedical data to lower the risk of early-phase discoveries.

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  • Quantum leap in data space

    Radical expansion of search space by finding, accessing and linking relevant data of any bio type.

  • De-risk research findings

    Maximize robustness of research findings by contextualizing Multiomics molecular data.

  • Accelerated time-to-outcome

    Stark reduction of data analysis time ultimately lowering the total costs of early-phase discoveries.

knowing01 solutions empower
to de-risk early-phase discoveries.

You aim to unravel your Multiomics data?
You want to ensure to be on track with your target and indication selection?

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With knowing01 software, everyone can link a vast amount of datasets in only one day.

Unlimited data access

We thrive on linking available data at scale. We unlock both private and public data sources and assets within a few days, preparing you for analysis.

Let's overcome the current limitations on the number of datasets that can be contextualized for early-phase discoveries.

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Mind-blowing flexibility

Using our proprietary Cellmap technology, we are fluent in all bio data languages.

We seamlessly blend between coding and non-coding genes, established and yet-to-be-discovered biology. Between genetics and proteomics, mouse and human, and more. With the flexibility to delve deeply into the areas your discoveries lead you.

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Sustainable solution

The amount of data generated in Life Sciences is exploding. Working project by project and keeping your data science projects isolated is no longer an option.

We help you lower the cost and risk of developing code that keeps breaking with new updates. Rely on professional software to focus on your innovations.

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Let's work together on your success.

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