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Easy-to-use software to rapidly unlock the value of your data.

We revolutionize the way Life Science data is used today.

  • Get more out of your data

    Have all your data talk the same language – with our automatic translation engine.

  • Cut weeks out of your timeline

    Link your data with few clicks – at unprecedented speed.

  • Experience intuitive software

    Immediately understand what you read and see – no data science training required.

knowing01 empowers every scientist to fully realize the value of their data.

You are a scientist and want to make more out of all your data?
You lead a research & development team and want to fully exploit the value of all your data?

The insight gap

The amount of data generated in Life Sciences is exploding, letting the need for data science skills skyrocket. It poses a huge challenge to extract insights on often complex biomedical questions from the plethora of heterogenous data. For your data to reveal its full value, it must be linked and set into context. We help you meet this challenge and close today's insight gap with easy but powerful software.

With knowing01 software, everyone can link a vast amount of datasets in only one day.

No more limits

At knowing01, we thrive to enable every scientist to quickly and easily link all available data, independent of the support of a data scientist. Cut weeks out your project timelines. Have more time to concentrate on your research challenges. We empower you to overcome today's limit in data sets to consider in answering your research questions.

No matter the bio data type

Using our proprietary Cell Map technology, we are fluent in all bio data types and handle the variety for you at unprecedented speed. From Next Generation Sequencing (DNA, DNA modifications, small and large RNAs and more) to mass spectrometry (proteins, metablolites, lipids and more) and beyond. We show and use the hidden links. Every time you analyze your data with us.

You are ready to go!

Without setup cost, without installation and in your dedicated knowing01 cloud space.

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