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Indication Selection

In the high-stakes world of drug development, the journey of selecting drug indications is fraught with uncertainties. Our solution leverages advanced data contextualization to guide decision-making and minimize risks.

Imagine the sweet taste of success

In the past, selecting a target indication was often based on limited or siloed data, leading to costly missteps. Worse still: late-stage failure.

Now, image a world where a critical program decision is backed by a rich tapestry of contextualized data, weaving together disparate strands of information into a clear path forward.

The Recipe

Use knowing01 workflows to compile Multiomic evidence into high quality indication libraries. You have the freedom to use high-quality data from the public domain, established large data sources, and your in-house data to compose broad target-specific context.

Use knowing01 software to retain target-specific context on both initial and subsequent indications. Team-sharable, searchable, and readily-linked for analysis. This resource-efficient solution can be set up in only a few business days.

Be mindful and evaluate the complexity and richness of target-centric results. Disease biologies can be strong or subtle, they can have one clear or multiple overlaying pathway signals. Our knowing01 expert team can support you in finding the most effective context visualization for your challenge.

Leverage the toolboxes of knowing01 solution or develop a custom solution to fit your specific needs.

Re-use the recipe again for other programs within your pipline. Be smart. Reuse. Improve.

Adds value to:

  • Oncology
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Mental disorders


  1. Target
  2. Downstream pathway(s)
  3. Negative controls
  4. Initial indication
  5. Optional: First ideas of potentially interesting indications

Our Solution: Data Contextualization at Scale

Our knowing01 solution seamlessly integrates and contextualizes vast datasets. You may have created siloed molecular research over large data resources with complementary molecular types within large patient cohorts. Our visualizations provide a holistic view, highlighting buried potential indications with higher confidence.

Integrated data analytics: We employ next-generation solutions to consolidate and analyze diverse data sets, offering a unified view of complex disease patterns.

Individualized data scope: Tailoring your data library to your specific disease areas, we ensure that your data solution is as nuanced as your innovative potential and provides support in finding the right decision for your targets.


  • Increase context information by 5-fold or more. Gain data-driven assurance in decision-making.

  • Minimize errors associated with manual unstructured work. Reduce the risk of erroneous indication selection.

  • Cut research cycle times in half. Accelerate the process of identifying promising new drug indications.

Get started today!

In the quest for accurate indication selection, our solution offers a beacon of clarity, guiding you to make informed decisions with confidence. Connect with us to explore how we enable you to illuminate your drug discovery journey.

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