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Ideation phase funded by the m4 award

Dr. Nikola Müller
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“Servus!” is how we greet each other in knowing01’s birth town Munich, Germany.

I am Nikola, founder and CEO of knowing01. Already back in 2014 during my academic research work as biocomputational scientist the idea for knowing01 budded. At this time, we focused on our early data integration technology in a project simply called »KNOWING« and later »KNOWING HEALTH«. We won the Bavarian m4 award in 2015, which was denoted with half a million Euro funding to transform our high-tech business idea to a market-ready solution at Helmholtz Munich. During the m4 award ceremony, I was pitching in my role as project lead front of many in the historic Munich Residence building – and it was quite the fun!

CEO Nikola Müller pitching at m4 Award ceremony in 2015

With the funding of the m4 award, we established a team of bioinformaticians, software engineers and business experts. As team, we lived the startup-spirit from the beginning while being surrounded by many academic dry lab scientists. Our host institute might today be one of the biggest European biocomputational institutes: the Institute of Computational Biology spearheaded by Prof. Fabian Theis. The BioM biotech cluster, south of Munich, was our go-to incubator and sparring partner throughout the entire time.

Amongst others, we won a Science4Life idea award 2014, we validated our assumptions during the EIT Health Launch lab 2017 (now called validation lab) in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium and we participated in many more events, like Forum UnternehmerTUM 2017 where we got featured as science startup (German only). For exploration of technologies we partnered with neo4j and proposed a large-scale graph problem to eight Bachelor students from Hasso Plattner Institue, who together explored the solution space in a one-year project finally presenting the “path to knowledge” at the HPI Bachelor Podium in 2018.


Today, I am gratefully looking back on amazing people and awesome support in and around our endeavor that ultimately brought us to where we are now. On top of our day-to-day tasks of technology development and prototyping we participated at workshops around the agile SCRUM framework, customer co-creation and business model canvassing while constantly interacting with putative clients. Thanking everyone who contributed to our »ideation phase«.

In early 2020, we succeed with our major milestone bringing us from idea to market: the launch of knowing01 GmbH. It coincided with the still ongoing global pandemic. Which, however, did not stop us! Our skilled, experienced and motivated founding team ultimately got together last summer. We are excited about and dedicated to our mission: Being the game-changer of Life Science research data usage and its reuse – with the help of easy-to-use software.

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With knowing01 software, we make biomedical data wrangling easy for everyone!

We are building easy-to-use software for biomedical scientists to reveal common patterns and unique features across biological domains and topics with few clicks. From genetics through genomic, transcriptomics to proteomics, metabolomics and back. Our proprietary technology seamlessly integrates any kind of knowledge, like research results. The knowing01 core technology »Cellmap« knowledge graph – imagine it as a dictionary of life – maps biological relationships of molecules in the context of a cell. With the help of efficient algorithms, we apply this knowledge to data and help scientists pursue their research goals with ease and speed.

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Looking forward meeting you!
– Nikola.

We’d love to talk more about the »Retrospective of our ideation phase: from academic research to the launch of knowing01«!

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