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Contextualizing Disease Markers

In the intricate world of drug development, identifying key disease markers is crucial yet challenging. Our solution decodes the complex interplay of genes, proteins, and pathways, thereby streamlining millions of data points to detect therapeutically relevant disease markers.

Imagine the sweet taste of success

Capturing the molecular footprints of a disease not taking into account all data context is akin to trying to understand a forest by examining individual trees. Traditional methods provide fragmented insights, as in focusing closely on the leaves and branches, often leading to uncertainties in identifying the disease markers.

Now, envision a world where you're not just examining individual trees but the entire forest, revealing a comprehensive understanding of disease markers and pathways.

The Recipe

Use the kknowing01 software to bring the context data into a stored, readily linked, searchable and easy-to-analyze form that can be shared among your team. All this in just a few business days.

Be careful, disease biologies can be strong or subtle. They can have clear pathways or be rich in signal, but the signal can be hard to distinguish from the noise. Working with knowing01’s expert team can provide valuable insight into your biological challenge.

Let the algorithms work through the full data scope and find the most effective visualization by leveraging the toolboxes of the knowing01 solution.

Molecular marker, like proteins, may serve as great drug targets. An understanding of a pathway may help to point to repositioning of drugs.

Re-use the recipe for new insights, the new puzzle pieces to solve the disease mysteries. Be smart. Reuse. Improve.

Well served for

  • Rare diseases
  • Immune-diseases
  • Understudied diseases
  • Novel molecular classes


  1. Disease-related molecular evidences
  2. Optional: First understanding of it's biology and effects

Our Solution: Data Contextualization at Scale

Our platform contextualizes a vast array of biological data, from genomic sequences to protein interactions. It discerns relevant markers and pathways, illuminating the most promising targets for drug development.

Integrated data analytics: We employ our next-generation solution to consolidate and analyze diverse data sets, creating a unified view of complex disease patterns.

Individualized data scope: By tailoring your data library to disease areas, we ensure that our data solution is as nuanced as our clients' innovation potential and can support decisions for their focus disease areas.

Impact and Results

  • Increase context information by 3-fold or more. Precise identification of disease markers and pathways.

  • Avoid false conclusions of omics-specific effects. Enhanced confidence in choosing the right marker for experimental validation.

  • Cut research cycle times in half. Reduced time and resources spent on non-viable research directions.

Get started today!

In the quest for disease marker identification, our solution offers a beacon of clarity, guiding you to make informed decisions with confidence. Connect with us to explore how we enable you to illuminate your drug discovery journey.

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