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Webinar Series:
Discover key disease marker from Multiomics data

Identifying key disease marker is crucial but challenging in drug development. For example, discovering biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease not only improves diagnostic accuracy, but also therapeutic interventions that can slow or reverse disease progression. To effectively and efficiently identify therapeutic targets, various Omics data (Multiomics) must be integrated and contextualized, a difficult and time-consuming task. At knowing01, we have developed a flexible Multiomics analytics software that decodes the complex interplay of genes, proteins and other Omics to identify therapeutically relevant disease markers.

In this webinar, we will explore how our software solution contextualizes large amounts of biological data to identify important disease markers, understand disease mechanisms and drive advances in personalized medicine.

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When?    Tuesday, 14 May 2024, at 5pm-5:15pm CEST (11am-11:15am EDT)

Duration?  15 min

Where?   Online!

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Dr. Nikola Müller, our founder and CEO, and Karolina Worf, Online Content Manager, will talk about "Discover key disease marker from Multiomics data".

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